Hongyang AC/DC quick EV charger is a highly integrated explosion-proof product designed by our company using the national standard of chargers and R&D experience of fuel dispensers. It has various functions such as electric vehicle charging and advertising,and meanwhile,it supports multiple payment methods. It is stable,reliable,intelligent,and no need for manual duty.It is mainly suitable for charging electric buses and cars.


DC Quick EV Charger

This product is compact in size and novel in design. It can be embedded in the wall to achieve zero occupation and has a decorative effect. Especially suitable for residential areas and most urban buildings.

Core advantages:

  • The AC intelligent electric energy meter is configured to measure its charging,and the relevant information can be uploaded to the controller and the power acquisition terminal through RS485.
  • Comprehensive measurement,control and protection of the running state of the charger,such as condition monitoring,fault monitoring,measuring and billing,coordinated control in charging.
  • OLED and key to realize man-machine interface.There are four billing ways:quantity of electricity,amount,time or automatically.The charging ways,time,quantity of electricity and billing information are displayed in real time during the charging.
  • RF reader,support IC card payment.
  • sound communicaition,support RS485/RS232/Ethernet/NFC/GPRS.
  • Sound protection.